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RHATMADE word list: top phrases Biggest embarrassments of my life (non-comprehensive list):
The City We Became - N.K Jemisin

God. This fuckibg book !!!!! It’s so unimaginably good. I love Jemisin’s style so much. The characters are so vibrant. It’s hard to put into words how much I love them.

And it’s so diverse. That’s a massive draw for me. Diverse in race and ethnicity as well as queerness. And those aspects affect the story! The New York (where this takes place) is not some utopia—no, it is affected by an otherworldly force, which inspires bigotry beyond what is typical.

The stakes are high, but also grounded. Each character has their own struggles and strengths. And all are so easy to fall in love with. Absolutely one of the best ever I think. Please give it a little read :-3


The Locked Tomb (series) - Tamsyn Muir

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. okay. I can’t believe I didn’t talk about this one first. It’s my favourite book series ever ever ever. It’s so shitty and dumb.

Here’s some awesome info. LESBIANS: abundant. PLOT: insane. JOKES: obscure. DIALOGUE: terrible and annoying (positive). CHARACTERS: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

There’s three books at time of writing this and seriously idk if I can ever enjoy a book series like this fucking one. I feel insane. Everything is crazy. Reading the second book was like bleeding out. Reading the first third book was like being woken up with cold water and then immediately falling back asleep on repeat.

It’s definitely NOT for everyone. If you like annoying losers and mean dykes. This is the book for you. It’s like. A space opera. Sci-fi fantasy. Necromancers. Inescapably queer.


Hell Followed with Us - Andrew Joseph White

Transgender apocalypse YA. That’s basically what it is. I really liked it. The apocalypse isn’t transgenderism. The apocalypse is like. Catholic in nature. Idk it’s super fun.

MC: gay tguy. Neepeers: 2. Love interest: textually autistic. Body horror: nearly constant. Transphobia: ALot.

There’s no zombies, but what there is is objectively worse. Imagine if infected people were merged together and became basically a horse. But made of like 15 guys who are still sapient. Like that’s gross and amazing. The main character is also infected. He’s SCARY.

It’s vv good. If you want books about gay trans guys being cool and accepted you should read it.


Honor Among Thieves: The Druid's Call - E.K. Johnston

Okay. I only read it because I was so sorely disappointed by the MOVIE (and so in love with Doric) that I needed some media attached to her to be Decent. Unfortunately, this like. Barely surpasses that benchmark. It’s not terrible. But it’s not fun.

Neepers: 2(?), theys: 1(?), setting: various; woods

It’s just Such YA. And like. Yeah. I expected that. Obviously. But it wasn’t even like. Good ya !! That would’ve made me happy !! So so happy !!! But super no. Simon was in it a few times. I hate that fucking guy so much.

The characters don’t develop. And the bonds don’t feel earned. The backstory is. Technically ? there. Like it’s the book. It’s a prequel book. But it. Idk. I’m just disappointed yk.


Blue Eyed Samurai (Netflix)

I’ll be using he/him for Mizu throughout this. I’m allowed to pretend he’s trans I’m fucking coping okay.

I just watched the entire show. In one sitting. It’s embarrassing but I did it. And honestly, it’s beautiful. The animation is stunning. The story is interesting.

Everything I dislike about the show is due to my own baggage. The show is good. You should watch it. But it makes me so upset!!! Not due to its own merits, but because of what it fails to be for me.

The main character, Mizu lives most of his life as a man, despite being AFAB (though hes also assigned male at like 2 years old), because of the highly patriarchal society of Edo period Japan. He is constantly referred to as a man. His allies see him as a man, including the people who know hes got no dick.

And that would be fucking stellar !!! That would have me so goddamn happy. But in every piece of paratext surrounding this series he is referred to with she/her.

That’s fine. Obviously that’s fucking fine. That’s where my own stupid baggage comes in though. Because I’m fucking sick of every historical story that could possibly be about someone like me being Actually about the patriarchy and what it forces poor women to do. Or whatever.

Mizu APPARENTLY doesn’t live as a man because he’s trans. He lives as a man because how else can you be a warrior!!!! Only men are allowed to so obviously he has to PRETEND to be male. #feminism. I’m only fucking angry about this because of the constant erasure of transmasculine history irl. And so as direct result I fucking despise stories that do the fucking “pretending to be a boy” thing.

Trans characters: maybe 1, almost certainly 0. Sex scenes: 3. White people: 1.5. Gory moments per episode: 1000090. Times Mizu only survived due to insane plot armour: 500000.

It’s a fine show. A great show if you don’t have stupid transman brainrot like me. You should watch it.


Boys Dont Cry (1999)

Hollyyyyyyy shitftrtttttttt. Friend recommended me this one. I’m not a massive movie watcher but good lorddddd. Its so good anf I feel fucking ill.

Transgenders: 1. Transphobia: nearly constant. Love interest: AHHH SHES SO. AHHHH. Sex scenes: 1 unless you count graphic rape (then two).

God. It was extremely disturbing. It probably took me an extra half hour because I had to keep pausing to fucking Chill Myself yk. Extremely worrying all the time. The characters. Jesus shit everyone sucks at least a little. Some more than others.

Massively triggering tho. Still watch it if you can, but make sure you do research so youre not bit by smt you didnt expect. Theres a bit of everything in here. God. Fuck. That ending.